Code of Ethics

§ 1
All members of the FSPD are obliged to observe the principles of clarity  and to respect the provisions embodied in the organisation’s statutes and canons of professional etiquette.

§ 2
The members shall undertake to practise their profession conscientiously at all times with an appropriate level of care and with the objective of seeking the truth. The subject-matter of the assignment and the fees to be invoiced are to be agreed in writing prior to accepting an assignment. The contents of the assignment are to be clearly defined for both parties. All detective work shall be carried out with the objective of protecting the verifiable and justified interests of the client placing the assignment.

§ 3
The members shall undertake only to accept assignments which they are able and/ or allowed to carry out given their skills and within legal parameters. Assignments in breach of good faith or against public morals are not to be accepted. The members shall carry out the assignments they accept to the best of their knowledge and belief. Furthermore, they shall be obliged to tell the truth.

§ 4
It is unprofessional to accept assignments or to pass them on if the member has already been active in the same case for the other party.

§ 5
Having completed work on a assignment, the members shall be obliged to submit a written report and a detailed invoice to the client placing the assignment. Methods of working to the contrary are allowed if an agreement to that effect is made beforehand.

§ 6
Carrying out, or having carried out dishonourable assignments is highly unprofessional. Similarly, the deception or endangering of clients, informers, persons providing information, witnesses, or fellow private detectives by any ways and means, damaging the good reputation of such persons, the association or the standing of professional private detectives or the spreading of lies shall constitute unprofessional conduct.

§ 7
The members shall undertake to carry out assignments accepted from fellow private detectives conscientiously and on time. Fees demanded for carrying out such assignments are to be paid within 30 days.

§ 8
A member of the association shall be discreet in his dealings with the press and the public, and shall endeavour to be loyal, to represent and protect the interests and the good name of the members of the association, the association itself and other professional organisations.

§ 9
If a member is of the opinion that another member has been in breach of the statutes or has acted against the canons of professional etiquette, he should point this out to the member concerned on an informal basis. If such a reminder from one professional private detective to another fails to produce the desired results, the executive board is to be notified straight away in the event that the conduct giving rise to such notification constitutes a serious breach of the statutes.