Professional Activity

Private investigators are contracted by private persons as well as by industrial and commercial companies.

The investigation of confidential and individual affairs is mostly required by private customers in the following fields of activity:

  • problems in partnership and family
  • problems with inheritance and rights to alimony
  • renting and leasing problems
  • offences against property such as theft, fraud or embezzlement
  • defamation and insult
  • enforcement of warranty claims

In order to conduct investigations for commercial or industrial concerns, you have to be active in the following fields of activity:

  • divulging of business and trade secrets
  • illicit work
  • fraud, embezzlement, theft
  • simulation of illnesses
  • infringement of patents, licences and trademarks
  • unfair methods of competition
  • fraudulent invitation to tender
  • illegal dissolution of partnership
  • sabotage of trading capital
  • dubious investment offers